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Highly efficient aldehyde removal agent RF8200
Highly efficient aldehyde removal agent RF8200

First, the product description

High-efficiency denitrifier RF-8200 is a liquid treatment agent developed by our company and Solmont Technology of Canada to quickly remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde. It uses nano-platinum -bio-enzyme as the main active ingredient to quickly capture formaldehyde in the air. Decomposed into carbon dioxide and water.

Second, the product parameters

Third, performance display

With reference to the national standard, the test equipment was built in our company's laboratory and the test was completed. The specific test was carried out in the 0.25m 3 glass test chamber. The commercially available formaldehyde removal products SY and SH were selected, and the high-efficiency denitrification agent RF8200 was tested. The results are as follows:

Fourth, the method of use

1. Spray the treatment agent onto the surface of furniture, cabinets, walls, etc. with an atomized spray bottle.

2. Dilute the treatment agent 2-3 times and add it to the atomization device (humidifier or aromatizer).

3. This product is mainly for indoor environment with high formaldehyde pollution, in addition to formaldehyde fast, safe, environmentally friendly, and no secondary pollution.

4. Please shake before use and use. If there is a small amount of sediment on the bottom, it is normal. Shake well before use.

Five, matters needing attention

1. Try to avoid spraying on items and metal surfaces that are easy to fade when using.

2. The treatment agent that has not been used after opening can be sealed and stored.

3. This product is mainly for free formaldehyde, and it is weak for formaldehyde that has not been released. It needs to be used together with series products.

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