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Rainproof agent
Rainproof agent

Product introduction: This anti-rain agent is based on the processing technology of silicone nanomaterials rapidly forming low surface energy materials on its surface, which can achieve the purpose of rainproof and self-cleaning. The products have independent intellectual property rights (CN 201610476293.X )

Main features: lower water surface sliding angle, rapid formation of chemically bonded nano-film on the glass surface, transparent, strong nano-coating. Good rain resistance

Matters needing attention: 1) In order to increase the rainproof effect, the cleaning of the stain on the glass surface is very important; you can consider the method of degreasing, grinding and other methods to obtain a fresh surface;

2) Minimize the number of frictions of the side glass to extend the service life;

3) With the company's rearview mirror super rainproof agent, it has better effect. This product can also be applied to the front and rear windshield of the car. The rainproof and self-cleaning performance of other glass products can also be used. .

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