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Super Hydrophobic Anti-icing Coating-SM-SH-FC3150
Super Hydrophobic Anti-icing Coating-SM-SH-FC3150

Product Name: SM-SH-FC3150

First, product characteristics

Shangmeng super-hydrophobic coating - anti-icing nano-coating is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly solvent-based AB two-component product. This product does not require any primer, only need to clean the substrate gray stain oil, directly coated, normal temperature 4 hours curing or 80-100 ° C curing 30min drying and curing. This product has the following characteristics:

1, super hydrophobic: hydrophobic angle ≥ 150 °; rolling angle: less than 10 degrees.

2, anti-frost, anti-icing, super-hydrophobic function at -20 °C.

3, hardness 1H, can resist a certain degree of scratch, can be bent without cracking.

Second, product use

Superhydrophobic and anti-icing treatment of hard substrates such as metal, glass and plastic

Third, the method of use

1, clean the base: the base must be clean, no dust, no oil and other stains, so that the coating is better attached.

2, Ingredients: Mix the mass ratio of A:B = 2:1 at room temperature and use it. To ensure the performance, please use it with it, and the used liquid is used within 24 hours.

3, painting method: using a wool brush, evenly brush the substrate, infiltrate the surface of the substrate to form a film.

Or spraying method: use a conventional spray gun with a diameter of 1.2-1.5mm, spray the base surface evenly at a low flow rate, and the wetting does not sag, and the uniform film formed by the coating shall prevail.

Or dipping method: the substrate is immersed for 2 min, then pulled at a constant speed, placed upright and dried.

4, after curing at room temperature for 4 hours to form a film, or 80-100 ° C curing for 30 minutes to dry and cure, you can accept, 1L treatment about 20-30m2, depending on the film thickness and substrate porosity.

5, be sure to clean the base before handling, and first practice the test in a small area, as required.

Fourth, storage and transportation

Storage: Be sure to seal and store to avoid deterioration and fireworks.

1, the shelf life is more than 6 months under the storage conditions required.

2. Smoking and open flame are strictly prohibited during construction.

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