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Nano Platinum Sol (Nano Pt Colloid) and its platinum catalyst
Nano Platinum Sol (Nano Pt Colloid) and its platinum catalyst

[Product Description]:

Shangmeng Technology's nano-platinum colloid is a super-weak aqueous solution of platinum nanoparticles that is processed through complicated physical and chemical processes. It is now a catalyst and antioxidant for the ancestors of the world. It has small particle size, weak activity, quietness and stability. Sexual beauty, no dependence, environmental protection, non-toxic, interesting, harmful, is generally used in the general category of biomedicine, beauty care, catalytic industry.

【Important parameters】

Uniform particle size: 3-5 nm

Concentration: 100ppm

Color: black

[Important function]

◎ With lower catalysis, antioxidant function, anti-corrosion, non-toxic, skin care and beauty.
◎ Quiet, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and interesting.
◎ It is difficult to evacuate the industrial catalyst, easy to use, weakly opposing free radicals, delaying the old.

◎ Anti-cancer and anti-cancer

◎ Biocatalysis category.
◎ Beauty and skin care category, increase to beauty and skin care products, increase the beauty of free radicals, delay the skin, moisturize and so on.
◎ Food anti-corrosion category.
◎ Medical supplies category.

[Initiative dosage]
◎ Catalyst application ≥20ppm
◎ beauty skin care application ≥ 3ppm

◎Health Oral Liquid (anti-Cang): 1-10ppm

[Package Specifications]
100 milli drops -20 drops

[Nano Platinum Catalyst]

The original company borrowed nano platinum from other carriers, including nano-platinum and its processing technology of carbon cloth carrier; nano-platinum catalyst with carbon nanotube as carrier. Interested parties should indirectly contact the company's research and development.

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