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Photovoltaic panel dust-proof self-cleaning super hydrophobic nano-coating
Photovoltaic panel dust-proof self-cleaning super hydrophobic nano-coating

First, the product description

Product model: SM-TM-301

Product introduction: This product is a transparent super-hydrophobic coating developed by our company for photovoltaic dust-proof self-cleaning . It is a kind of nano-material based on silicone. After special coating, it forms a nano-structured porous film on its surface , which can play the role of waterproof , dustproof , self-cleaning , anti-reflection and snow-proof (easy to remove snow) .

   This product is a pale white ( yellow ) color translucent liquid, the solvent is alcohol. The construction operation is simple, the film forming property is good, the transparency is high ( can be increased by about 1% ), non-toxic and non-polluting, drying and curing at room temperature, and a transparent superhydrophobic film is formed on the treated surface.

Water droplets form spherical water droplets on their surface with a contact angle greater than 150 degrees and a rolling angle of less than 10 degrees, resulting in a typical "leaf effect." Rolling water droplets will take the dust sludge away together, which achieves self-cleaning effect and can be applied to photovoltaic self-cleaning, waterproof, dustproof and other fields.

Second, construction

1. The construction method can be selected by spraying or spraying.

2. Keep the photovoltaic panel clean and dry before construction, and there must be no water .

3. The panel should not be exposed to direct sunlight or excessive temperature (over 35 °C) during construction to avoid poor film formation.

4. When spraying the panel , do continuous operation, do not spray intermittently, make no gap coverage, and should not be too thick.

Third, matters needing attention

1. The solvent of this product is ethanol. Keep away from open flames at the construction site.

3. After the film is dried, the water temperature should not be higher than the panel temperature when testing with water . Do not touch the water directly with your hand.

4. This product is an alcohol solvent, which is slightly irritating to the skin and eyes. Avoid entering the mouth and eyes.

5. Construction To ensure the durability of the super-hydrophobic self-cleaning film layer, do not touch and use long-term pressure of water with long pressure after construction .

Product actual test video

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