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Atmospheric plasma surface modification - activation, cleaning and hydrophilic treatment
Atmospheric plasma surface modification - activation, cleaning and hydrophilic treatment

[Introduction to Technology and Services]

Atmospheric pressure (at atmospheric pressure) plasma pretreatment is one of the effective ion processes for cleaning, activating or coating plastics, metals, glass, recycled materials or composites. Compared to low pressure plasma technology, there is no need for a special vacuum chamber system when using this technology. It is especially suitable for the activation treatment of plastics and their organic inert surfaces, which is beneficial to the subsequent processes such as coating and bonding of the treated surfaces.

In the process of ultra-fine cleaning (plasma cleaning) using this technology, the release agent and additives on the surface of the object can be removed gently and safely, and disinfected (plasma sterilization). In addition, after plasma activation, it can be used in subsequent steps. The glue and coating are firmly attached.

[Technical Features]

  • High process reliability:
    Atmospheric plasma process with unique process safety and reliability

  • High cost efficiency:
    High process speed and high process efficiency due to low defect rate. Due to the degree of freedom in material selection due to processing, the process also facilitates the use of new materials and is easy to adjust.

  • High activation effect:
    Atmospheric plasma treatment can achieve a higher degree of surface activation than corona treatment

  • Easy to integrate:
    Unlike mechanical methods such as sanding or sand blasting, atmospheric ion processes can be easily integrated into existing processes.

  • Environmentally friendly:
    The atmospheric plasma process achieves solvent-free, VOC-free surface treatment, eliminating the need for wet chemicals compared to electrochemical methods such as galvanizing, pickling, and chrome plating.

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