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Rearview mirror super rainproof
Rearview mirror super rainproof

Product introduction: "Shangmeng" special anti-rain agent for rearview mirror is a product based on nano-superhydrophobic material launched by Shangmeng Technology. It can achieve the effect of dripping water and is the helper of safe driving in the rain. Its basic original use is synthesis. The nano-silica is linked together by a silicone network to form a nanoporous super-hydrophobic transparent film. This product is a patented product of Shangmeng Technology (CN 201610575466.3 )

Main advantages: invisible film with no water, no rain and dust

Disadvantages: The film is relatively fragile, can not touch the friction, can not be washed with high pressure water.

Note: If you are outdoors after parking at night, please add a rearview mirror to close up or protect with a protective cover to extend the service life.

Friendly reminder: With the company's side glass anti-rain agent products, it can play a better safe driving effect.

Construction video:

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