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Super hydrophobic coating-SM-SH-FC3160
Super hydrophobic coating-SM-SH-FC3160

Shangmeng Technology is committed to the development of super-hydrophobic coating technology and solutions, and is the first to introduce a series of super-hydrophobic coating products in China, including: fluorocarbon resin-based superhydrophobic coatings, silicone resin-based superhydrophobic coatings, glass membranes, high hydrophobicity Clean transparent coating, circuit board waterproof transparent coating and other products.

Super-hydrophobic coatings can be self-cleaning, dust-proof and waterproof on the surface after coating on the surface. At the same time, the surface of the super-hydrophobic coating can also be protected against corrosion and rust. The surface static contact angle of the super-hydrophobic coating is More than 150 degrees, the rolling angle is less than 10 degrees.

The main features of this product are: high surface roughness and strong blister resistance compared to FC3150.

Shangmeng Technology can also provide users with technical requirements and product customization services for super-hydrophobic coatings.

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