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Photovoltaic panel self-cleaning super-hydrophilic nano-coating
Photovoltaic panel self-cleaning super-hydrophilic nano-coating

Product introduction:

This super-hydrophilic nano-coating is a self-cleaning dust-proof and anti-reflective nano-coating with super-hydrophilic and self-cleaning by using a composite sprayed nano-titanium oxide and nano-silica. characteristic.

Main features of the product:

  1. Dustproof and self-cleaning

  2. Enhanced: visible range (500-700nm): +2%

  3. Higher weatherability: artificial climate aging: >15,000 hours

  4. Increase in power generation: 3-6%

  5. Life expectancy: about 3 years

  6. Usage: 12-20 square meters / liter

Construction method

  1. Clean the glass surface. Use water or an organic cleaner to remove contamination such as stains and oil on the surface to ensure good contact between the nano-coating and its glass surface. After cleaning, the surface is dry before construction.

  2. Spray directly onto the surface of the glass plate using a spray device

  3. Dry: 20 minutes - 2 hours

  4. Hard work: 24 hours, the sun shines for more than 2 hours


  1. Must be kept away from open flames during construction, and nano-coatings are flammable products of alcohol solvents.

  2. Construction workers are best trained to achieve good construction results.

  3. The outdoor wind force during construction cannot be greater than 3, and it is best to choose under no wind conditions.

  4. Can't work on rainy days

  5. Please do not work under direct sunlight of 10 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius.

  6. The remaining part of the nano-coating should be stored outdoors away from open flames to avoid long-term exposure to sunlight.

  7. It is normal for the nano-coating to have a small amount of precipitation. Shake the liquid evenly before each construction. However, if there are more deposits, it will affect the effect of the construction coating.

  8. Please protect the eyes and mouth of the constructor during construction. It is recommended to protect the mask and windshield.

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