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How to use antibacterial gel
Edit:Shangmeng Technology Wuxi Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-04-11

Antibacterial gel not only has obvious therapeutic effects on female gynecological diseases, but also has a certain effect on the elimination of toxins in female uterus and the nourishment of ovaries. After using the antibacterial gel for a while, you will find that there are many changes in the body of the woman, the skin will become tense, people will have a lot of spirit, and the whole person will be full of vitality, which is the benefit of using an antibacterial gel.

Use of antibacterial gel

use correctly

Before going to bed at night, take a gel and lie flat on the bed. Remove the caps at the front and rear ends, put them into the vagina, use a syringe to inject the gel solution into the deep part of the vagina, pull out the tube, and then rest or sleep! (One hour before the couple's life, it can effectively shrink the yin lubrication, play the husband and wife treatment And shielding the effects of various bacteria to prevent gynecological diseases!)

Use of antibacterial gel

Four major functions of the antibacterial gel:

1, anti-inflammatory sterilization

It has the basic function of anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, and the gynecological inflammation which does not heal for a long time is better. One hour before sex, there is an anti-inflammatory effect on both sides.

When a woman's menstrual blood leaves the body, the active bacteria return to the vagina. Continuous use for 24 days can eliminate superficial inflammation, and can be used away from gynecological diseases after 3-5 days.

Elimination of uterine waste toxins

Sperm is a toxic toxin after death in the sub-officer. The menstrual blood remaining in the uterus folds and crypts will form toxins. Through the whole body blood circulation, you can hang on the face, forming a yellow-faced old woman, and the facial expression can be deeper and deeper now. Yellow is more and more. After 24 days, the first time after menstruation, the toxins will be discharged. Many people will discharge things like cinder or red chewing gum and find that the skin is clean and shiny.

Use of antibacterial gel

3, maintenance of vaginal mucosa tissue

After the age of 35, the vaginal mucosa tissue will gradually disappear, accompanied by dryness and pain, and it will become heavier and heavier!

4, anti-aging nest

Ovary is a female secreting estrogen, ovarian atrophy estrogen is reduced, women's body will become bloated, skin is loose, dry, wrinkles increased, while sweat, yin, body fluids, saliva are reduced, the whole person becomes mentally, fatigued, The eyes are dull.

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