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Quality Supervision Bureau sampling failure rate of 100%! 17 production and sales companies involved in 14 batches of formaldehyde air-conditioning products were collectively interviewed!
Edit:Shangmeng Technology Wuxi Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2017-12-18

Recently, the Shanghai Legal Daily was informed by the Law Enforcement Corps of the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision that in the five-month special rectification of the antibacterial purification air conditioner industry produced and sold by the corps in Shanghai, it was found that the “external air conditioner with formaldehyde removal function” was unqualified. The rate reached 100%, the number of products involved was nearly 130,000, and the value of goods was nearly 900 million yuan. As of the end of November, Haier, Oaks, Gome, Suning and other 17 air-conditioning production and sales companies and e-commerce platforms have implemented rectification of 281 antibacterial purification air conditioner products .
During the operation, the law enforcement corps dispatched more than 200 law enforcement personnel to conduct centralized law enforcement inspections on the air-conditioner production and sales enterprises and some anti-bacterial air conditioners sold by some home appliance stores and e-commerce platforms. A total of 15 products from 8 brands were sampled. Check. After inspection, 13 of them have air-conditioners with formaldehyde removal function, and the formaldehyde purification efficiency does not meet the relevant standards. The failure rate is 100%.

The Law Enforcement Corps has organized a collective meeting of air-conditioning production and sales companies involved in the case and signed a product quality commitment letter. After the meeting, the enterprises involved in the case actively carried out comprehensive investigation and rectification of air-conditioner product descriptions, outer packaging, TV commercials, websites and other carriers to eliminate social impact in a timely manner.

With the deepening of the concept of green environmental protection, various household appliances with air purification functions have entered the market one after another, especially air conditioners with antibacterial, sterilization and air purification functions, which are favored by consumers. In order to regulate the production and operation of such household air conditioners, the National Standards Committee issued and implemented the special requirements of GB 21551.6-2010 "Antibacterial, sterilization and purification functional air conditioners for household and similar electrical appliances" in 2011.

However, after several years of operation, the situation is not optimistic. There are many antibacterial purification air conditioner products on the market that attempt to mislead consumers through hype concepts and exaggerated product efficacy. At the beginning of this year, the corps listed air purification products as one of the key rectification industries in this year, and continued to carry out a five-month law enforcement inspection. A total of 14 major brands in the city were sold with formaldehyde-removing air-conditioning products. The sample was sent for inspection, and the results of the 14 batches of products did not fully meet the requirements of the formaldehyde purification efficiency index in the GB 21551.6-2010 standard.

This interview covers almost all domestic mainstream air-conditioner manufacturers. At the same time, there are several market-influenced sales platforms. The representatives of the participating companies seriously reflected and analyzed the reasons why the special-function air conditioners failed to meet the standards, and they said that they will be in the future. In production and business activities, we have established strict quality awareness, earnestly abide by the law and operate in good faith, and have signed a letter of commitment. The person in charge of the city's Jiaotong Household Appliances Commercial Industry Association put forward a self-discipline requirement for the industry, emphasizing the strict production and operation according to law, rectifying the problem with pragmatic measures, and providing the market and consumers with products that meet the standards, safety and security, and genuine products.

Finally, the interview will put forward requirements for the participating enterprises to further implement the quality main responsibility: First, we must strengthen the awareness of standards and regulations, and conscientiously rectify ; second, we must strengthen the quality and quality awareness, and pursue excellence ; third, we must strengthen the sense of social responsibility and long-term development .

Representatives of 17 air-conditioner production and sales companies such as Haier, Oaks, Gome and Suning , the Standardization Department of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the head of the Law Enforcement Corps and relevant law enforcement personnel attended the meeting and deployed and requested the next step.


In order to promote the awareness of product quality and the implementation of national standards in the production and distribution of air-conditioning products, we will comprehensively rectify the market chaos that the antibacterial purification performance of products in the Shanghai household air-conditioning market is not up to standard and the market indicators are exaggerated. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and promote the standardized, healthy and orderly development of the Shanghai household air-conditioning market, we hereby carry out the production and sales of antibacterial purification air conditioners, and make the following to the national quality supervision department, consumers and industry associations. committed to:

1. Strictly implement the national mandatory product standard GB21551.6-2010 "Special requirements for antibacterial, sterilizing and purifying functional air conditioners for household and similar electrical appliances", and standardize the description of the antibacterial purification air conditioner product packaging box and the product nameplate. ;

2. In this enterprise, the company will carry out comprehensive self-examination and combing and rectification of existing antibacterial purifying air conditioner products, and all the products that cannot meet the requirements of GB21551.6-2010 will be downlined, and the law-abiding and credit-based management will be implemented in strict accordance with the law. Self-discipline

3. Actively cooperate with the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision on the follow-up supervision and inspection of antibacterial purification air conditioner products.

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