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The University of Tokyo has developed a hard polymer glass that can be self-healing and healing.
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The glass was developed by the University of Tokyo professor Takuzo Aida and Ph.D. student Yu Yanagisawa . The group was originally engaged in the development of new adhesives, and they stumbled upon a hard, smooth-skinned substance with a self-healing function that restored its original state.

The English name of the substance is "poly[thioureas] and ethylene glycol" . After the glass is made of this material, it can be restored to its original state after holding the section for several tens of seconds. After a few hours, the strength will return to its original state. .

Previously discovered materials that are self-healing even in the event of damage at room temperature are softer materials like rubber. Materials that were previously considered to be as hard as glass are difficult to achieve.

Liu Zeyou said that he was dubious when he discovered it. He was pointed out various problems during his writing and repeated experiments. The ability to repair glass will be different from the previous model of throwing it. If you can become an environmentally friendly material, you will be very happy.

For more details, please refer to the English journal. The link is as follows:

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